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Find out everything you need to know about bourbon from Bourbon Street to bourbon whiskey.

Hotels on Bourbon Street

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The thoroughfare widely famous for bars and sex shows, Bourbon Street is throbbing street that runs thru the middle of the French Quarter of New Orleans, LA. The Street is the most popular partying destination in America.

New Orleans is one of the “Top” tourist destinations in the world. The French Quarter is the heart of the city, and Bourbon Street is the heart of the French Quarter. It’s the most crowded, hot popular, thrilling, and pulsating place in New Orleans. The Street is widely known for its “B’s” – Bars, Beer, Bevy of Beauties, Balconies, and Babes ready to show off their Breasts.

The Street is packed with a number of bars, souvenir shops, and strip clubs featuring hot sex shows, but there are also a few, but really nice restaurants, jazz clubs and hotels on Bourbon Street. The hotels on Bourbon Street are a few, but fine. These hotels on Bourbon Street include Bon Maison Guest House, Chateau Sonesta, Hotel St. Marie French Quarter, Inn on Bourbon-Ramada Plaza Hotel, Lafitte Guest House, and Royal Sonesta.

Bon Maison Guest House: Located in the heart of the French Quarter, at 835 Bourbon Street, between Café Lafitte and The Bourbon Pub, It is the 1833 Historic Town House. Just steps away from Shopping complexes and restaurants, it’s a nice place to relax and stroll in the Street. 

Chateau Sonesta: Located, 800 Iberville Street, it’s one of the finest hotels on Bourbon Street. The hotel overlooks Iberville and Bourbon Streets. The Balcony rooms overlook Bourbon Street or Dauphine Street. It’s a nice place to stay n stroll.

Hotel St. Marie French Quarter: Located in the heart of the French Quarter, just half a block from Bourbon Street, the fine hotel is just steps from Bourbon Street music and merriment.

Inn on Bourbon-Ramada Plaza Hotel: Located 541 Bourbon Street, the hotel on Bourbon Street is one of its busiest corners. The hotel is a block from famed Pat O'Brien's Bar, and three blocks away from Jackson Square and Louis Armstrong Park. The Hotel offers balcony rooms.

Lafitte Guest House: Offers easy access to the French Quarter’s antique shops, museums and world-famous restaurants, the hotel is located at 1003 Bourbon Street.

Royal Sonesta: Located at 300 Bourbon Street, it’s one of the finest hotels on Bourbon Street. The hotel is right in the center of the Bourbon Street excitement. The hotel is built in the traditional French Quarter style.

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