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Find out everything you need to know about bourbon from Bourbon Street to bourbon whiskey.

New Orleans Bourbon Street

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The Crescent City of Louisiana, New Orleans is one of the most popular cities of North America. New Orleans is widely known for its far-famed Bourbon Street. The Street runs thru the New Orleans’ cultural hub- the French Quarter. It’s the major attraction of the Quarter. 

New Orleans Bourbon Street is sometimes wrongly opined to be named after the Kentucky Whisky, Bourbon, but it’s absolutely wrong. In fact the Street was named after the French Royal Family, the “House of Bourbon” that gave a number of French kings, including Louis XIV, The Sun King.

New Orleans Bourbon Street is the liveliest and wildest thoroughfare of the French Quarter where partying never stops. The street is a notorious beauty that is quiet and calm during the days, but wild harlot during the nights. The Street is very popular for its vibrant nightlife.

New Orleans Bourbon Street is one of the major tourist attractions of Louisiana. It’s a “bon vivant” destination for the hard drinking tourists. It’s a perfect place for the tourists that tour with a goal of getting drunk. The Street offers the airs full of the rhythmic sounds of jazz, country western, Dixieland and sultry blues.

New Orleans Bourbon Street is center of lively action particularly during the festivals, which includes the annual Mardi Gras celebration, French Quarter Fest and Southern Decadence. During Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street is fully packed with tourists drinking Hurricanes, Hand Grenades and Big Ass Beers. Major activities of the Street include nightlife, drinking, dancing, city walk sightseeing, people-watching, shopping, etc.

New Orleans Bourbon Street is full of Bar & Grills, Night Clubs, Dance Clubs, Cabarets, Gay Bars, Live Music Clubs, Taverns, etc. The street is the heaven for voyeurs and strip teasers. It’s the sizzling street of sensual pleasures. The upper end of Bourbon Street towards Canal Street has many of the French Quarter's strip clubs including Rick's Caberet, Temptations, and Larry Flynt's Barely Legal Club. Some of the major attractions of the Street Include Johnny White's, Pat O'Briens, The Famous Door, Razoo and The Cat's Meow, The Bourbon Pub, Oz, Galatoire's, and Lafitte-In-Exile. Galatoire's is one of the oldest and most popular restaurants on Bourbon Street. Lafitte-In-Exile is the oldest gay bar.

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